Industrial Applications

Oil and Gas
Personal Care
Other Applications

Oil and Gas

Natural polymers such as guar gum, xanthan gum and cellulose derivatives, are widely used in oil and gas well drilling to serve multiple purposes. These include fluid and water loss control, lubrication and cooling of drill bits, shale inhibition, and solids transportation . These natural polymers exhibit excellent solution rheology, stability, solubility, and compatibility with other additives and solvents that are used in oil and gas well drilling.

Hydraulic fracturing techniques are commonly applied to wells to obtain shale gas, tight gas, tight oil and coal seam gas. Shale gas in particular has been one of the fastest growing forms of natural gas. NRTech offers guar gum powder and its derivatives to unconventional resources and shale players.

These product properties include:

  • fast-hydration in cold water
  • high viscosity (8 times more thickening power then starch)
  • transportation of proppants more effectively
  • stablility at high pressures, temperature and flexible pH values
  • environmental friendly
  • bio-degradable

In addition, NRTech supplies a wide of range of oilfield chemicals to enrich our offerings (listed below) to the industries.

  • Guar gum powder
  • Guar gum slurries
  • Hydroxylpropylguar (HPG)
  • Carboxymethylhydroxylpropylguar (CMHPG)
  • Carboxymethylguar (CMG)
  • Xanthan gum powder
  • Cellulose derivatives

Our chief chemists and engineers are working on formulations customized for the different shale formations to advance our services to the customers.

Personal Care

Natural polymers are widely used as a thickening agent, lubricating agent, suspending agent, detergent compatible thickener, protective colloid, film forming agent in toothpastes, creams, lotions, shampoos and conditioners, etc. The popularity of guar gum and its derivatives in the personal care industry is rapidly increasing due to the positive health appeal of their natural origins.

As a guar products supplier, NRTech provides multiple grades of guar gum, xanthan gum, and cellulose derivatives to offer unique properties for various personal care applications. Our products are listed below.

  • Guar gum powder
  • Guar gum is a natural hydrocolloid. The most common use of guar gum in personal care products is as a thickener/stabilizer in toothpastes, lotions and liquid soaps.
  • Cationic guar
  • Cationic guar is a water-soluble derivative of the guar gum. It has gained worldwide popularity in the personal care products. It is mild to the skin and effective to the hair.
    Cationic guar is formulated in shampoo as a thickener or viscosifier. Cationic guar based shampoos are currently more preferred because apart from the superior thickening ability, it has the antistatic effect increasing hair workability.
    Cationic guar is also widely applied in the hair conditioning. Many hair care experts have now adopted cationic guar based conditioners as it helps in detangling the hair as well as creating a good protective layer around the hair and preventing the breakages.
  • Hydroxylpropyl guar (HPG)
  • HPG is a nonionic product developed from natural guar gum. It is highly compatible with electrolytes and hydrophilic liquids. HPG can be used as a multipurpose thickening agent, viscosity modifier, and foam stabilizer in the personal care industry for styling gels, sprays, shampoos, shower gels, cleansers, etc. HPG can also enhance the skin's resistance to irritations caused by chemical detergents, and soften the skin with exceptional smoothness.
  • Carboxymethly Hydroxypropyl Guar (CMHPG)
  • CMHPG is an anionic product derived from natural guar gum. It acts as a thickener for both the opaque and clear gels in the cosmetics industry. The development of CMHPG has enhanced the move to more natural hair care products in the market.
  • Xanthan gum powder
  • The multiple purposes of guar gum as a thickener as well as a conditioner in personal care has prompted even more research into the usage of other galactomannans. Xanthan gum exhibits a long flowing rheology. It makes the application of active ingredients to the skin easy and effective, while not affecting the normal biological processes of the skin.
  • Cellulose derivatives
  • Cellulose is also a naturally occurring component. Its derivatives are widely used in the cosmetics and personal care products including bath products, hair products, eye and facial makeup, skin care products, and shaving products.


NRTech also offers food grade guar gum, xanthan gum, and cellulose derivatives to be used as a gelling, viscosifying, thickening, clouding, and binding agent for stabilization, emulsification, preservation, water retention, etc.

In Frozen Food Products:

prevents ice crystal formation, extends shelf life of ice cream as a binder & stabilizer.

In Dairy Products:

thickens milk, yogurt, and liquid cheese products, improves texture, and maintains viscosity and color.

In Baked Food Products:

provides moisture preservation to the dough, improves texture and shelf life, and retards fat penetration in baked foods.

In Sauces & Salad preparations:

a water binder in sauces & salad dressings, and improves the stability and appearance.

In Meat:

functions as lubricant and binder.

In Beverages:

provides outstanding viscosity control and reduces caloric value in low calorie beverages.

In Pet Food:

forms gels & retains moisture as a thickener, stabilizer and suspending agent.

Other Applications

Guar gum is one of the best natural thickening, emulsifying, and stabilizing additives. NRTech also supplies guar gum powder and guar derivatives to serve various other industrial ` applications.

Pharmaceutical Industries

Guar gum is used in pharmaceutical industries as a gelling, viscosifying, and thickening agent in tablet preparation for suspension, stabilization, emulsification, preservation, water retention, etc.


Guar gum is an excellent wet end additive, sizing agent, and retention aid for improving sheet formation, giving a denser surface to the paper used for printing.


Guar gum offers excellent film forming and thickening properties when used for textile sizing, finishing, and printing. It prevents warp breakage, reduces dusting while sizing, and gives better efficiency in textile production.


Guar gum is a natural thickener, emulsifier, stabilizer, and bonding agent for aqueous paint and other coating applications.


Guar gum is a natural thickener, emulsifier, stabilizer, and bonding agent for printing inks, textiles, and carpet printing.


Guar gum is used as a binding and strengthening agent for reconstituted tobacco.


Guar gum is used as a flocculant to prevent liquid solid separation in metallurgical and mining industries. Guar gum is also an excellent gelling and crosslinking agent for both gel and slurry type explosives.

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